News May 2017

May 1, 2017


Flu vaccinations are usually available from late March or early April each year, depending upon the availability of the annual national vaccine stocks. It is recommended that most people have an annual flu vaccination as the strains of flu are often changing and annual vaccines are targeted to the most common occurring strains.

Eligibility for a government-funded flu vaccination

The flu vaccine is free under the National Immunisation Program for people aged 65 years or over, ATSI people under 5 years of age or 15 years of age, pregnant women, and people with an eligible chronic disease (such as asthma or diabetes) that can lead to complications from influenza. For further information please speak to our reception team.

For patients that are not eligible for the Government funded program, private flu vaccines are available through the clinic at $17.00 each.


We have recently made another Practice improvement as a result of patient feedback. An ‘over toilet aid’ is now available in the disabled toilet.

Over toilet, frames assist in increasing the ease of using the toilet by raising the height of the toilet seat which is helpful for those with mobility restrictions. Armrest provides additional support to the user when pushing to stand up.


In an emergency please call '000'.

Every effort is made to keep appointments running to time, however, due to the unpredictable nature of our work this is not always possible. Patients are encouraged to contact us prior to an appointment to check that the schedule is running to time.

Please give thought to the amount of time your appointment may require. If there are multiple or complex issues that need discussion, please let reception know when booking your appointment so that sufficient time can be allocated with the doctor.