Recent changes to eligibility for Covid PCR testing

August 8, 2022

Recent Government changes have tightened eligibility for Covid PCR testing. As a result, our Practice requirements for patients experiencing any possible covid-related symptoms have also changed. For symptomatic patients, telehealth (phone or video) remain the preferred method for consulting with your doctor. Medicare requirements stipulate that in order for your telehealth consultation to attract a Medicare rebate, you must have had at least 1 x face-to-face visit in the clinic in the past 12 months. If you have not done this, you may still have a telehealth consultation, however, you will not receive a Medicare rebate.

If you require a face-to-face visit with your doctor and you are experiencing and possible covid-related symptoms, it is a Practice requirement that you do a negative RAT (rapid antigen test) ON THE DAY of your appointment. We require a photograph or the actual test to be shown on entry to the clinic. If you are NOT experiencing any symptoms, it is not necessary to do a RAT prior to your visit.

If you have any questions, please contact out reception team on (02) 6059 2500.  Thankyou.